Time stands still, in these spacious rooms

Built in 1923, this three-bedroom bungalow is named after the region’s first bakery or ‘rotti kadai’ (literally means ‘bread shop’). From your private veranda, you can tune in to the rhythms of trees. Choose the Master room and on request, we can serve an unhurried meal on your verandah, instead of the common dining area. Later, form an acquaintance with the Malabar Whistling Thrush while you saunter across the lawn.

360° View

Our Tariffs

All tariffs are inclusive of Lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, dinner, breakfast with tea/coffee and all taxes. Food and beverages ordered additionally will incur additional charges.

Masterbed Room


₹ 17,000

Bungalow Rooms


₹ 14,000


Subject to weather conditions and wildlife activity.

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Discover the vanished lifestyles of a bygone era. The day unfolds amid lush tea estates.

Lose track of time watching the sun set behind the Anamallai Hills, from the lawn of the house.
Explore our history in the library or match wits over a board game, with the birds chirping in the trees. 


What they say about the #SinnadoraiExperience

Explore the wild

The sleek gait of a leopard. The bold colours of the Great Indian Hornbill. The Anamallai Hills are home to astonishing wildlife. Love birds? Bring your binoculars, borrow our bird book, and identify your feathered friends. When night falls, take a drive under starry skies. Later, listen to the locals narrate their legendary encounters of elephants. 

Take the tea trail

Two leaves and a bud converge, and the story of tea is born. A mystery and a pleasure that has transcended time, place, and culture. Now learn what goes into the making of history’s beloved beverage. The experience gets richer because, by the end, you’ll pluck a few leaves and make some tea for yourself.

Relive the forgotten art of picnic

Head out in the morning with a picnic hamper. Stumble upon secret worlds in trees, under rocks, and besides a stream. When you’re back from your adventure, you’ll be just in time for that exquisite, time-honoured tradition forged by Anna, The Duchess of Bedford: ‘Afternoon tea!’