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Plantations in the Nilgiri Wynaad district were first opened in 1845 by a Mr. James Ouchterlony. The initial attempts at coffee failed due to pest infestation and salvation came in the form of a gold rush in 1874 when as many as 41 companies were floated in England to prospect for gold in the area. This boom was short lived and the focus shifted back to coffee and tea. The English and Scottish Joint Wholesale Society Ltd. acquired tracts of land in the Pandalur and Devala area and began planting tea in 1916.

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So how do you arrive at my address?

Not many know it - home is in Mango Range and we have our own postal code to prove it - 643220 ! You can ride in a car from Coimbatore, an industrial city in the state of Tamil Nadu well connected by road, rail and air. Your chauffeur will zip past the towns of Mettupalayam, Conoor and Ooty from where you will drive towards Sultan's Battery where Tipu Sultan converted the ancient Jain Temples to a battery to house his guns. My Bungalow is a few kilometers away from the town of Pandalur and beyond my tea factory, which I am sure that you will visit. It is less than a two hour trip from Ooty.

You could also make the journey from Mysore and through the scenic Bandipur and Mudumalai game sanctuaries.

If you choose to make an approach from the west through Kerala - Calicut or Kozhikode as it is now known is a convenient staging point that is well linked by road, rail and air. The picturesque two and half -hour drive either through Nilambur or Vythiri through elephant country and tea and coffee plantations will bring you to my bungalow at the West Division of Caroline estate, where I am the Sinna Dorai.